By purchasing these products you are supporting women in business and Canadian arts.

Cultural engagement contributes to the quality of community life by reflecting and reinforcing social diversity. 

Creativity is a collective process. I'm continuously updating access to these products trying to adapt to the new normal. Whether you buy a product, original artwork or designs I guarentee you are purchasing  legitimate high quality work and I have sourced my suppliers to make sure you have the highest quality goods that meet with my ethical standards. Reality is we can't all afford original artwork. To own one original painting is only reality for one person. These products present affordable options for yourself or as gifts for others.

Thanks for your support.

16 x 24 framed art print  title " the Invitation"

 All fine art prints shipped right to your door with drop shipping.

printed on demand - 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Large orders for re-sellers can be accommodated.

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12 x 16 " framed art print -Tile - The spa, inspired by Nature.

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16 x 24 framed art print of original painting - title - Convergence

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16 x 24 Fine art prints - title - Red Canoe- Classic Canadiana.. Imagine yourself

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 12 x 16 " framed art print - Title -Consideration

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16 x 24 art print - Waterfall

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16 x 24 framed art print - Title -Turtle Creek

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Framed fine art print - 24 x 24" Waterfall II with translucent rainbow

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             "Wear" the Experience

   "Taking Canadian Artwork to a new level." Conceptual designs by artist Shelley Leach

FRONT -Dress title "Reclaimed" $187.00 CAD

BACK- Dress title " Reclaimed" $187.00 CAD

                                                                                          " Reclaimed

This unique only one-of-a-kind garment originates from original paintings created by me. A simple yet stand-out dress.

A dress for that person who has decided to " reclaim" your individuality. 

Live beyond the label.

Responsibly printed-inks are eco-friendly.

Designed in Canada made in the UK                                         

To order email - or currently can be found at select retail location listed here;

Savvy - 73 King St. West Brockville Ontario